Burglar-Proof Your Home

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Burglar-Proof Your Home

Not all the answers but a good start for you to think about making your home Burglar-Proof..Burglars break in to 65,000 American homes per year. That’s a scary statistic, but you don’t have to become part of it if you know how to protect yourself, your family and your valuables. Keys under the doormat says "come on in and help yourself".

Keep your garage door closed and locked. 

Bushes or hedges around your house should be "angry bushes" like a thorny rose bush.

 Install motion triggered lights around corners of the home.

Going on vacation ask a neighbor to pick up your newspapers and mail.

Think solid core or metal-clad doors fitted with both inside hinge pins and a minimum one-inch throw deadbolt lock.

Front door window glass should be unbreakable glass.

Don’t forget to lock the doors when you leave. One-quarter of all burglaries occur due to a door or window left unlocked

TODAY make a photo or video of your jewelry. and think about planting some "angry bushes".